What is TurbineDB?

TurbineDB delivers the power behind your data.

TurbineDB is a high-volume event analytics database, providing real-time analysis on billions of data points per second. Easy to implement, no down-time, and no specialized development required. Just a complete picture of your data in real-time.

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How does it work?

Leverage the power of TurbineDB

People interact with your business every day. Each interaction carries with it the data you need to grow your business. TurbineDB captures that data, extracting meaning from it in real-time. No sampling, no delay. Complete insight into each interaction right now.

Big data made simple

Custom queries without all the effort.

The richness of your data is too valuable to waste on canned reports. You need real-time, interactive visibility into your data to truly leverage its power. TurbineDB puts you in control of your data with exploratory ad-hoc query capabilities, giving you the power to get the most out of your data. Drill into complex data with ease and share your insight with powerful reports.

Geek Speak Translation

Important features for the developer and data science nerds out there:

  • Real insight in real-time: sub-second latency on queries of billions of data points.
  • Schema-Free: handle structured or unstructured data without pre-built schemas. No downtime to build schemas, no need for a specialized developer.
  • Full platform support: RESTful HTTP interface means no drivers to install and operate easily on any platform.
  • Easy to get started: sign up, get creds, post requests, watch the data pour in.

Seamless integration

Installed locally or accessed through the cloud, TurbineDB connects to your data on your terms. TurbineDB’s robust APIs give you the flexibility to seamlessly incorporate analytics capabilities directly into your solution, rather than bolting onto another system. Use TurbineDB to enrich massive data sets without massive effort.

Customer Story: 5twenty Energy Management

About 5twenty

5twenty is an energy analysis and strategy application designed to reduce energy costs of commercial buildings. 5twenty leverages the power of large energy datasets to offer a comprehensive tool for energy strategy. In order to provide the best energy strategy guidance, 5twenty would need an analytics database that could handle massive energy data sets with real-time query capabilities.

"TurbineDB allows 5twenty users to analyze over 1.5 billion data points in real-time every day."

Jeff Beck, 5twenty product owner